Salon Libertine London

Our dramatic debut collection, 'Ephémère',  is an expression of the ephemeral beauty of nature, with timeless elements celebrated in a maximalist style. We embrace the pure joy of unrestrained colour, with a palette chosen to uplift the senses. Decorative butterflies, loosely painted clouds and flowers play amongst richly layered abstract and expressive backgrounds. The designs have been inspired by Victoria’s love of the masters of  Colourist, Impressionist and Expressive painting, fused with a knowledge of 18th and 19th Century European Decorative Arts, as well as a passion for emerging Abstract artists from the London art scene.  Colours have been heavily influenced by travels to the South of France, India and Morocco. ​​​​​​​​​​​
The collection includes six highly decorative designs, featuring a contemporary take on traditional motifs and five dramatic semi-plains, ‘The Abstracts’, which are derived from the heavily layered and textured backgrounds. 

We are passionate about supporting local artisans and their skills. Our textiles and wallpapers are printed to order in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, using locally sourced base cloths wherever possible and small British businesses with hundreds of years of experience. We have painstakingly selected the highest quality base cloths including sublime pure Irish Linen, a robust Irish Linen Union, 100% British Cotton Velvet, a Polyester Velvet, Cotton Silks and Heavy Cotton Sateen.

Nine of our designs are also available, via our website, as luxurious silk scarves and a new collaboration with, Soop Style means you can also buy
beautiful bespoke jackets, coats and bags in any of our designs.

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